Shopping for Portable Refrigeration Storage-Guidelines

If you suffer during the hot weather and long to have a cool drink at your desk then a mini portable refrigerator may provide the solution to your problem. Mini portable fridges are not the same as compact fridges. Compacts tend to be scaled down versions of traditional refrigerators with ice makers, shelves and door storage, but a portable mini fridge is far smaller and a lot more convenient if your looking to keep just a single can cool or a six pack cool.Do you want to learn more? click here now

Mini portable refrigerators are genuinely portable. They tend to weigh in at three to four kilograms in weight depending on model size, come with a carry handle to the top and are easy to move around and place on desk tops or in small inconspicuous spaces. They tend to come in three sizes, the single can size, the 4 litre or six pack size, and the six litre or eight pack size. You’ll often find that the single can portables can be powered by USB alone, but the larger six and eight pack variants tend to offer mains and 12 volt power options for at desk or in car use.

Most of these small portable fridges do not come with ice making facilities but are able to keep cans cool to about 22 degrees below ambient temperature. As an added feature they can often keep warm drinks hot as they can be mode switched to heating mode where they will often heat up to 55 degree over ambient temperature. This added versatility makes these portables good for all year use. If you think a mini portable refrigerator would be a good buy for you then you will be pleased to discover that these fridges are relatively inexpensive coming in at between $30 and $45 depending on the size of model you opt for.